If you have decided that is time to finally learn English, our General English course can help you achieve this goal and give you a solid base to develop your foreign language skills. We know that learning a new language can be a daunting challenge, and this is why we have developed a modern and inspirational range of teaching and learning methods that will keep you motivated, so that you can keep learning and make real progress. Samaksh has  General English course covers grammar, vocabulary, and all the key skills that you will need to develop in order speak and understand English. All our lessons are planned and delivered by experienced teachers who focus on your individual needs and learning style. If you want to travel, make new friends, and communicate in English with confidence, try this innovative course and get ready to see how you can make fast progress while having fun.

Course Module In Details


1.Word description in English.

2 Sounds.

3 Cursive writing.

4 Building words.

5 Common four letter & five letter words.

6 Name of number & day and month.

7 Times, seasons, direction, flowers, vegetables, flower etc.

8 Name of grocery times, family relational and part of body.

9 Name of common elements in existing earth.

10 Name of place, animal, birds, history etc.

11 Basic vocabulary

12 Singular & plural

13 Action of verb.

14 Formation of simple vocabulary rules with medium sources.Parts Of Speech @ Articles. 

15 Preposition & Conjunction @ Pronunciation. 

16 Modals @ Tenses .

17 W/h families @ Active & Passive.

18 Direct & indirect speech @ Reading Skill.

19 Letter writing , Cv, articles @ Writing skill. 

18 Sentence formation with speaking skill each word & Lines.  

19 Pointing Adjective, Infinites, Essay, Story, Verbs, Etc.Basic English keyboard # Overcomes Hesitation. 20 Personality development # Narration, comprehension.

21 Improve public speaking skill # Translation

22 Audio and video sessions # body languages

23 Telephonic conversation # interview skills

24 Group discussion (role, play, debates, skit etc.)

25 Watching English movie, English serial, English songs

26 Watching English news paper, English news channel etc.

27. Video classes.

28. New Paper Translation and reading.

29. group discuss.

30. Book and story writing.

31. More 


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